Again, thank you

Thank you for…

  • Setting up a Meal Train when Gavin first came to us.
  • Bringing us food. Sending us food.
  • Hosting a baby shower.
  • Hosting a virtual baby shower.
  • Giving us hand-me-downs: clothes, a car seat, cloth diapers, a glider, toys…
  • Gifting us every other piece of baby gear (we had nothing!).



What awaited us outside our front door when we got home one night. (The packages- not the baby, though if he were, it wouldn’t be far from the truth for foster care!)


  • Mowing our lawn.
  • Inviting us over.
  • Pretending to not be mad when Gavin’s dirty diaper leaked on your floor when you had us over.
  • Babysitting Gavin – sometimes for free, sometimes at way below market rate.
  • Willingly jumping through the bureaucratic hoops required to babysit a foster kid.
  • Being understanding when we had a crazy visitation and medical appointment schedule to work around.
  • Knitting Gavin blankets.
  • Sending Gavin a personalized bib with a joke that took us months to get.


  • Sending us flowers on a court date.
  • Sending us a plant and chocolates when we thought Gavin had gone home.
  • Facetiming us. Calling us. Texting us. Emailing us.
  • Sending us cards. And more cards.
  • Crying with us and for us.
  • Flying out to visit us.
  • Flying out to be with us during a court date.
  • Sending us lucky pennies you found on the ground.
  • Donating breast milk to us. Having your sister donate breast milk to us.
  • Donating funds so that we could purchase breast milk. Having your coworker donate funds so that we could purchase breast milk.
  • Visiting us when Gavin was in the hospital at seven-weeks-old.
  • Being understanding when we never knew our schedule or whether Gavin would be with us for an upcoming event.
  • Being understanding when we were hesitant to make plans because we feared it might be our last weeks/weekend/days with Gavin.
  • Listening to us hash out every nuance of the legal case, over and over.
  • Packing a bag for Gavin when he unexpectedly came to Hawaii with us and we weren’t in the state to do it ourselves.
  • Praying for us.
  • Praying for Gavin. “Storming the gates of Heaven,” as one of our wise friends pledged.
  • Extending your visit with us in March 2016 so that we could take a little 4-day-old baby boy home from the hospital to live with us.
  • Understanding when we were grumpy, or withdrawn, or short with you. (We’re sorry.)
  • Loving us. Loving our little boy and doting on him like crazy.

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