About Praj

I had never considered either fostering or adopting until I married Stephanie. Agreeing to join her on this journey was one of the best decisions of my life, and I look forward to fostering with her years to come.

About Stephanie

We decided to wade into foster care because the need seemed pressing and painfully local. (Local, meaning Denver Human Services was a mile from our home and I passed it every day on my commute.) When we finally got Baby Gavin, being a foster/ “maybe-one-day-forever” mom was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. And harder than I had ever imagined. And more tearful and smile-full. I am convinced that nothing I have done in my life up to this point matters more than being a foster parent.

About Gavin

Gavin joined us when he just a few days old and, God willing, will stay with us forever. He has the best laugh in the history of the world.